Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late Night with Hunter the Letterman

The other night we attended a banquet for Hunter's High School Soccer team. I had the pleasure of heading it up :) so I'm glad it's over, but it was very nice and Hunter received his letterman's jacket. We are soooo proud of him and how he is able to balance all the things in his life: school, sports, church, etc. He'll be a senior next year and wants to go to BYU. He's interested in Media Arts and recently won first place for a video he made and submitted in a high school competition.

On an entirely different note, here is a picture of Savannah's last soccer tournament team photo after coming in 2nd place. They played a few teams that were two years older than them, so they did very well.

They received medals for being finalists. Their next tournament will be for the state qualifiers and championships. Go Galaxy!!

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vicki said...

I can't believe how big these kids are and that I used to teach them in primary. Savannah is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Paris-family said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love this post. Fun, fun times. Can't wait to see you. :)

tamiz said...

Wow, Time moves fast. We haven't been gone that long have we? Quite the good lookin' crew you've got there!

jenny said...

Yea Hunter and Sav! So happy for them and you!