Monday, March 23, 2009

Every day is a Good Hair Day in Arizona

March 13th, my niece, Nicole was married in Arizona at the Mesa Country Club and Breeann and I took a trip out there to see the happy event. Everything was beautiful and we got to see all of my family! This is my mom, my sister-in-law, Taunya, my brother Rendell, my sister Jennifer and me and Bree at the reception. My family is hilarious, and we laughed all night long!

Nicole was a GORGEOUS bride!

Bree and I were messing around in my mom's backyard. Yes, I know we look silly and we are silly. (I miss Bree!:( )

Here we have Jen, my dad, me, my other brother, Tim lurking in the back (he is Nicole's step dad), my dad's wife Stephanie, and Rendell. Good times.

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Paris-family said...

Love the pictures. thanks for the update. I especially love the title of your post. :) uh-oh, screaming kids upstairs...gotta run!

vicki said...

Jill, you look fab-o!!! So much fun!

jenny said...

Wow! Your hair really does look gorgeous!