Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Dat!

Okay, so I NEVER watch football but if you live in Louisiana right now, it is all you hear about and I have to admit that I broke down and watched the New Orleans Saints last Sunday night. It was an exciting game and the thick, humid air is filled with anticipation as we near the Super Bowl. I've even caught the Who Dat spirit! (If you know me well, that is really saying something) Of course, all this Who Dat talk is really weird and makes me feel like it confirms the horrible grammer of Louisianians, but whatever, I've begun to embrace that as well. Who Dat! Who Dat! Life for us is still all about soccer and that is all we've been doing since before Christmas. Hunter's team has made the playoffs and they will begin next week- we'll keep you posted- in case anyone cares :) Mardi Gras is coming up and I'm sure we'll have some fun pictures to post from the parades. The kids have the whole week off of school so that will be nice.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, we have spent a lot of time outdoors over the holidays watching Hunter's soccer team play in two different tournaments one in Lake Charles and one in Covington (near New Orleans) and it's been kind of cold, but nothing even comes close to the game we went to tonight at his high school! We sat outside for two hours in 29 degree weather!! That might not seem cold to some of you, but this is Louisiana, y'all- we aren't used to this! I'm not sure how Hunter played in this, but they won their first district game 4-0. They ended up in the semi-finals in the other two tournaments only to lose, but they included the toughest teams in the state. Between the cold and and rain, this hasn't been a great season to watch or play in so far, but hopefully our weather will improve. We felt like we were packing to go on a camping trip when we were getting ready to go to the game. We had a thermos of hot chocolate, a portable outdoor heater, a sleeping bag, two blankets, stadium seats and layers and layers of clothes! It's all worth it :)

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