Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another BYU Graduate in the Family!

We had a wonderful extended weekend in Utah for Bree's graduation, but not without a stressful, last minute deadline for Rich and his dissertation! It had to be sent all the way to his sister's house in West Jordan so he could make the final edits and turn it in for the final time.  Here he is in Kinko's feeling VERY relieved to FINALLY be done with it!  He is now Dr. Stewart!!!  We are all SO proud of him!
The first day in Utah, (after Rich finished his paper) we met Bree and Devin (her boyfriend) at JCW's for burgers.  That's Rich's mom and our niece, Addison who were also there.  Then we headed over to Thanksgiving Point for the Tulip Festival.
Devin is filling in for Hunter since he couldn't be there. He had to crouch down quite a bit to make it more believable :)
Our nephew, Carter, and niece, Addie in front of some beautiful tulips!  Cute, cute kids!!
Bree was so happy to be graduating that she had to kick up her foot.  Devin graduated, too, and I'm sure he was happy, but I'm glad he didn't kick up his foot.
That evening we got to see Carter play in his first soccer game of the season!  We sure miss those days of the players doing cartwheels and picking flowers- it's hilarious.
Friday was the big day and Bree has never looked happier!  We're soooooo proud of her and all her accomplishments!!!
The family (minus Hunter :( )
After the big event, we grabbed a bite at The Awful Waffle.  It was YUMMY!
Okay, more food- later that evening we had Devin and his family over to Jen & Marty's (Rich's sister and her husband) for a graduation BBQ.  Of course, look who's hanging out right by the food!  I'll admit it, we ate A LOT on this trip :)  It's the Stewart way.

Saturday, we got to go to another soccer game!  Addison had her first game of the season, too :) She's a good little player!
After the game, we rode trax to downtown Salt Lake and went to a brand new mall.  It was very nice.
Jen and Carter at the mall-
We walked across the street from the mall to Temple Square.  I love this pic of Marty and Addie!
The crazy fam!
 Now for a funny story- Addison somehow got stuck in her seatbelt after graduation and it locked up and was so tight around her that she couldn't get out!  I can't even explain it because I'm still trying to understand it myself.  Well, after a few minutes of trying everything they could think of, Marty and Rich gave up and had to cut the seatbelt! I don't think Addie thought it was too funny, but she will when she tells the story to her kids someday. 
She made a souvenir necklace out of the seatbelts remains :)
All in all, it was an awesome trip and we are so grateful to Rich's sister's family for letting us stay with them and taking such good care of Breeann during all her years at BYU!!  They are the best!!!