Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Star is Born

Hunter was recently in the musical Guys and Dolls at his high school. He had the best hat in the whole play. He was awesome and really did a good job.
Stephanie and Torry came to see the play and it was great to have them here for a couple of days.
I tried to steal the cool hat but then I realized I had such a tall forehead no hat could help me with that!
However, there was someone that could get the hat without a fight and it even matched her dress..........................coincidence?
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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Off to the State Cup for us!

Hunter and Savannah's soccer teams both qualified for the Louisiana state cup. They play next weekend in an 8 team quarter final (for their individual ages), single elimination tournament. It will be a tough battle but they both have good teams.

Sav's team is really doing great considering this is only their first chance to get to State and they did it (must be the awesome coaching and that left striker)! Hunter's team has really come together this year but have a couple of key offensive players out. The defense however is rock solid and very stingy when it comes to allowing goals. I think it must be that left full back (the Stewarts seem to like the left side).

We will post the scores and outcomes at the end of each day next week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

What happens when you fall asleep during General Conference

This is what we would like to do every Sunday for church. General Conference is always a great experience that brings our family closer together. Let's zoom in to see if they are really asleep.................................

Jill and Sav look a little wierd. Hunter must be praying for more inspiration to better understand Elder Bednar. Rich is happily listening and receiving many blessings for his faithfulness. But wait, what is that crackling noise? Oh no, .........................................................

This is what happens when you fool around and don't pay attention during conference. Let that be a lesson!
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Friday, April 11, 2008

Photos of our St. Thomas Trip

If you want to see a slim down version (read that as 113 of almost 700 pictures) of our St. Thomas trip, check out the link on the right to our photo album and open the St. Thomas album. We are still missing it and wishing we were there!

Soccer update

We have just added the link to Hunter's soccer team on the right side of the blog. It contains some pictures and stats. They have won the last three tournaments and look to have a great chance for the state cup. In fact, in one tournament they shut out every team they played. Awesome!

Sav's team has won one tournament and placed 2nd in three. That is really good considering this is only their second season together. They have some very tough local teams in their age group that we continue going up against so considering the challenges, they are doing extremely well. Check out her team's blog as well through the link on our Stew Land blog.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stuck in St. Thomas Final Edition

This was our new friend that we met at the beach one day. He wasn't much of a talker and had really bad breath.
This was walking down to Morning Star Beach from the Marriott hotel. One of our favorite beaches on the entire island. As you can see, beautiful!!
This is what we referred to as Steuart point (pretty obvious from the picture). They just spelled it wrong. Again, very beautiful.
This was the sunset from Wayne and Cleta's house on the last night. We were sitting out on the deck having dinner. What a way to finish up the trip. We were very sad to leave and sure appreciate ALL the hospitality we were shown by our loving family in St. Thomas. Thanks a ton!
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