Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was out in the yard over spring break when I went to turn on the hose and it MOVED! Yes, this bad boy was hanging out of the box where we roll up the hose and scared the heck out of me! I ran inside to try to get someone to come out and kill it - only Hunter and Savannah were home. I also had to grab my camera and snap this picture so everyone would feel sorry for us living here among the snakes. Nobody was very excited to kill it so we watched it as it slithered its way over to our neighbor's house and disappeared into a hole in the side of it. (Nice, huh?) I went over to warn them and they were gone. I went to the neighbor across the street to see if he would come over and kill it, or at least identify whether it was poisonous or not, and he wasn't home. Savannah went over to the girl next door who may like snakes and she wasn't home either. Anyway, Hunter finally decided he could take the shovel to it and we couldn't find it after that. I hope I don't have any holes in the side of my house.

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tamiz said...

Oh My Heck! So nasty! Can't say I miss that!

vicki said...

Can I just tell you how much I HATE snakes?? However, this looks like a chicken or rat snake to me. Totally harmless but as I always tell my husband I don't care if it's Casper the Friendly Snake I want it GONE!!!

Bree said...

siiiickkk momma make sure you leave that in LA when you come to visit!

jenny said...

That is one huge snake... I don't have an issue with snakes... they eat RATS!!!

Paris-family said...



I'm so sorry.