Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fun with Grandma!

Hunter introduced the Wii to his grandma & grandpa Wayne. I think they're playing tennis here. It was pretty entertaining to watch

Grandma was the boxing champion of the night! :)

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I'm acting again & loving it!!!

I'm so excited to be back on the stage! I'm doing a musical at Abbey Player's called I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and I have to say it is definitely at the top of my list of my favorites! We have a spectacularly talented cast and the show is sooooo much fun! My mom and her husband Wayne came out for the opening weekend. They saw it three times :) (They're not biased or anything) It was great to have them here.

This is after the show when we greet the audience.

This is our whole cast, Larry, Scott, me and Jessica. I don't have any other pictures because we change costumes so fast and so many times that there is no time to stop and get photos. There are 20 different scenes and we play all different characters throughout. If you're in town, come check it out!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Arizona Trip to celebrate my dad's birthday!!

I went to Arizona last weekend because my dad's wife, Stephanie, threw him a surprise party for his 65th birthday. This is his reaction when he walked into his house that night and saw all of his kids, brothers and sisters and friends yelling "Surprise!" I have to say that Stephanie really pulled off a good one! My sister Jennifer and I flew in the day before and he was really surprised to see us. Then, we all went to have family pictures taken and about 100 people went to his house. We got back and had a great party. She had a band and catered food. It had a hunting theme seeing as how my dad is the major hunter that he is.

Jen, her daughter Zia, my dad, me and Stephanie at their house in Gilbert, AZ

We all went bowling one afternoon and, of course, my dad beat everyone! This is my brother Tim and his son, Clay. We had a lot of fun!!

Me with my dad at the bowling alley. It was such a great weekend hanging with all my family!!!

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More Arizona Pictures!!!

My sister, Jen, Zia, Dad, Me and Stephanie at my Dad's house

We had fun bowling with Jen and Jackie

Cody(my nephew), his date, Nicole(my niece) and her fiance, Jake at my Dad's surprise party

Jen, Tim, Jackie, Tanya and me at the surprise party

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandma came for Hurricane Ike

Well, she actually came to watch the kids in a soccer tournament, but it got cancelled because of Hurricane Ike! We only got some rain and wind, but we had tornado warnings just to keep things exciting. We had a great visit, though!!

We spent the majority of the weekend eating stuff like this! Hurricane-stress-eating!!!! Yum!

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting ready for Gustav!!

Okay, why do we live in Louisiana?! I guess we had a couple years off after Katrina & Rita, but now the hurricanes are back in full force! Rich and Hunter boarded up the house and Savannah and I hauled all the plants and patio furniture in the backyard into the garage. I sat in line for 40 minutes to get sandbags for the back of our house because our patio floods since we put in the pool. We had plenty of gas, a generator, a little airconditioner, tons of water and plenty of food, but I still wanted to leave town! The hurricane looked pretty bad at first and we've already been through several others and I just didn't want to do it again! Rich was really nice and agreed to leave even though I know he didn't want to :) Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as predicted! We might be repeating this process next week- STAY AWAY IKE!!!!!!

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Evacuating to Houston

We decided to make a fun trip out of our evacuation and went to stay with our friends the Nielsens in Houston. They were soooooo great to let us stay with them for four nights and we had fun playing cards, going to the movies and going out to eat! What would we do without our great friends! They even let Charlie (our dog) come!

This is where Hunter spent the whole weekend- playing games with Mike

Savannah was having Ryan pose for pictures with his animal friends.

ROCK BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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