Saturday, April 16, 2011

Roller Girls!

A couple weeks ago I went with my friend Tanya to see our friend Christi (aka "Holy Stitch") skate in the Roller Derby! We had quite the experience at our first bout! We sat in the "crash zone" for the second half and had a great view of all the pushing, shoving and general mayhem. The Acadiana Roller Girls won and we will definitely make a return visit to cheer them on!!

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Weekend Getaway

Rich gave me a weekend getaway/shopping trip to Houston for Christmas and I finally decided to cash in on my present! We went a few weeks ago and stayed at a very nice hotel with (fake) champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room! DELICIOUS! Also delicious was all the food we consumed while there. We shopped all day and watched movies all night-what a fun and relaxing treat:) Thanks Rich!! XOXOXO