Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!

Sav's favorite gift- SNUGGIE!!

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We had a wonderful Christmas week with Bree, my mom and her husband Wayne in town! Here we are just before our Christmas Eve feast!

Wayne is CRAZY and provided us with this Santa message to help kick off Christmas morning :)

Hunter was excited to receive this gift! (and using his over the top dramatic skills)

My Mom made this beautiful quilt- notice Savannah in her snuggie in the background :)

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

We give thanks for the BEACH!!!

Rich took this BEAUTIFUL photo of our favorite beach in Destin, Florida! We spent Thanksgiving for the 8th year in a row there and our friends the Nielsens and the Bridges met us there. We had beautiful weather and spent plenty of time on the beach. We also went to the movies, shopping on Black Friday and played cards in the condo. It was great and we can't wait for next year!!

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More pics from Destin!

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Even more pics from Destin!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Hunter had a High School soccer tournament in Houston. Here are what the stands looked like for all three games they played! If you notice the umbrella on the right, not only does it have a gaping whole, but it is also blown inside out! Rich's mom met us there for a weekend of wet, windy, COLD soccer! She is the one with the umbrella by the way! I'm talking to her to keep my mind off the miserable weather :)

The soccer wasn't miserable, however, and Hunter (#8) and the Mighty Lions won two games and tied another. They came in second overall just because the other team scored one more point than them against another team. Oh well . . . .

Hunter's team is ranked #4 in the state right now, but I'm sure as time goes by they will move up.

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Follow the yellow brick road . . .

. . . to excellence!! This was the theme for an end of the year event for our young women group at church. It was such a cute event that two of the girls planned and came up with on their own. They did a great job so I wanted to post some pics from it.

Here is Savannah (Toto- actually in a cat costume :)) with her friend Sarah (the Scarecrow).

Here are all the girls (characters) after coming in singing down the yellow brick road.

Sarah and Sav again in front of the Emerald City!

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Dazed and Confused?!!

Well. . . .I guess we've been a little busy and I know it's Christmas, but here is one of our only pictures from Halloween this year! Savannah and her friends went around the neighborhood (she's a bubble bather in case you couldn't tell - most of her bubbles already popped and she lost her rubber ducky) just for the candy- I guess that's why every kid goes :) and after I took this picture, I dropped my camera and broke the screen! NOT cool! I just got it for my birthday last April. I'm still trying to get a picture of Hunter in his costume to add, but I have to find it. We had our annual neighborhood chili/potluck in someone's driveway and had fun chatting with the neighbors.

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