Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's a Miracle!

It is truly a miracle that I am FINALLY updating our blog!  Not that there hasn't been anything to blog about- SO much has happened in our family the last few months!  Many great things as a matter of fact.  First, Rich was let go from his job at the casino where he worked for the last 16 years.  I know that doesn't sound like a great thing, but actually it was.  He got to retire for 4 months and get all sorts of unfinished projects done around the house.  He needed the break after working so hard on his PHD and everything else.  This was only a great thing because he was able to find another job just in the nick of time and he really loves it.  He is the HR Director at Global Data Systems here in Lafayette.  We really thought we would have to move, so much to the delight of Savannah (and us) we get to stick around a little longer.  Here's some pics to let you know about the other great happenings over the last 4 months:

Devin, Bree's boyfriend- at the time, came to visit Louisiana for the first time.  We took him to all the usual places- Tobasco Factory, Jungle Gardens, out to eat Alligator. He seemed to enjoy it all :)
Rich and I took a trip for his birthday over to the Houston area which included a soccer game to see the Houston Dynamo play.  We also went to Kemah (the boardwalk), Galveston (Moody Gardens, beach time, movies, Pleasure Pier) and the NASA Space Center- all things we have never done before.  It was a very full and FUN trip!!
We had a GREAT 4th of July with family and friends over for a BBQ and fireworks.  Devin, now Bree's fiance, suprised her and drove into town for a few days. Here we are displaying some sparkler art.  Photography by Rich & Nikki
 With Rich's time off, we managed to squeeze in a trip to Door County, Wisconsin to my mom and Wayne's lakehouse.  Sarah, Savannah's friend, came with us and we did all the usual very fun things!  Out on the lake. . . .
 Eating at Al Johnson's (notice the goats on the roof!). . . .
 Rich still proving he's got skills . . . . .
Pretending we are children . . . . . All in all a fabulous trip!
 Okay- so now for another GREAT thing that has happened- Bree got married!  These pics are from her Bridal Shower.  Savannah made those cute wedding dress cookies :)
Two of Bree's best childhood friends, Emily & Heidi, helped throw such a cute shower!!
Bree and Devin had a BBQ with friends and family the night before the wedding.  We were stressing out pretty bad because Hurricane Isaac was supposed to hit just a couple days before.  Luckily, it was a non-event in Lafayette and everything went on as planned.
Devin's sisters made all the awesome food!!
All the kids enjoyed the pool!  For more pics you'll have to check out Bree & Devin's new blog (see sidebar!). 
 Here are just a couple pictures from the big day.  When we get the really good professional ones, I will post more.  This is just outside the temple in Baton Rouge.
This is just outside of the place where we had the reception.  It's great to have Devin in the family and meeting his family was a pleasure!!  I can't help but notice that someone is missing though- Hunter! 
:(  But the last GREAT thing I want to blog about is that he passed his one year mark on his mission in Sierra Leone!!  He has 11 months left as of today.  I might not be so good at keeping up with this blog, but I post weekly on Hunter's mission blog so you can always keep up to date with him. (see sidebar!)  Our family has been truly blessed!!!