Friday, February 19, 2010

Stewart News . . . .

You are looking at the face of BYU's newest freshman cougar!! We just found out that Hunter got accepted into BYU for the Fall and we are all pretty excited about it! We are super proud of him and can't wait for him to have that experience like his mom and dad did :)

Savannah is actually smiling about her new braces! She got them on last Thursday and she's taking it all pretty well. I think she looks cute in them :)

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebrate good times. . . .

Come on! Today was Mardi Gras and we went to the parades and worked at the annual Boy Scout Fundraiser concession stand, but we really had cause to celebrate Hunter's school soccer team win last night in the quarterfinals for state!! It was an exciting, nerve-racking, 1-0 win! We don't have pictures cause unfortunately Hunter was still hurting and couldn't play :( But he'll have another chance to play in the semi-finals this Saturday against a team in Shreveport. It should be an exciting match up and hopefully a win. Here is Savannah with her friend Sarah waiting to catch some good beads!

Freaky people on a freaky float.

That's me in the red coat getting ready to catch that gold bead necklace coming from the float. (Yes, I really did catch it!)

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever since my kids were little, we always had a family Valentine's Day Party with red food. We're still doing it, but not EVERY food we eat is red. We had Spaghetti, red jello, strawberries, green beans (not too many red veggies) and rolls.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow again?!!!

This winter is getting ridiculous! It snowed (again) this morning! According to the news, this is a first for this area- two snow days in one winter in Southern Louisiana. Typically, we don't get any snow at all, so I don't know what's going on, but I'm ready for the summer. The snow was really coming down but not sticking to the ground.

Now for a soccer update . . . . . Hunter's team won their game last Wednesday night (4-2) and they will go on to the quarterfinals playing against a team from the New Orleans area on Monday night! This is a picture of his fan club at the last game. They made this sign with his nickname that started in 2nd grade. (Hunter played a shrub in a Christmas play :) ) Hunter got tackled by some dude from the other team that night and bruised the muscle in his calf pretty bad. Hopefully he'll be better in time to play in the next game.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Winning Weekend

The Saints winning the Super Bowl was great, but the more important win was the Lafayette High Mighty Lions!! Hunter's school soccer team won their first playoff game 7-0 (yes, they killed them) and will be going on to the Regional round tonight against their town rivals, Acadiana High. They have beat them twice before this year in district play to become the undefeated district champions so we are hoping for a third win against them tonight! This would move them into the state quarterfinals. Above is the starting line up- go #8! They are wearing jerseys from the 1980's for good luck. It worked in this game, we'll see about tonight!!

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YW Under Construction

These are some pictures from our latest YW group activity at church. This was our New Beginnings program and the theme was "Young Women Under Construction." It was a lot of fun! The girls sang a song about work, related tools to our values in our personal progress program, played a game and had a guest speaker from the construction business. We also ate some yummy sack lunches and watched a slide show from the past year.

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