Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was out in the yard over spring break when I went to turn on the hose and it MOVED! Yes, this bad boy was hanging out of the box where we roll up the hose and scared the heck out of me! I ran inside to try to get someone to come out and kill it - only Hunter and Savannah were home. I also had to grab my camera and snap this picture so everyone would feel sorry for us living here among the snakes. Nobody was very excited to kill it so we watched it as it slithered its way over to our neighbor's house and disappeared into a hole in the side of it. (Nice, huh?) I went over to warn them and they were gone. I went to the neighbor across the street to see if he would come over and kill it, or at least identify whether it was poisonous or not, and he wasn't home. Savannah went over to the girl next door who may like snakes and she wasn't home either. Anyway, Hunter finally decided he could take the shovel to it and we couldn't find it after that. I hope I don't have any holes in the side of my house.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Perfect Weekend!

Easter weekend was the first full weekend since the middle of February that we were able to all be at home together and it was GREAT! Rich and I went to the temple Friday night, the family worked in the yard all day Saturday, and that night we dyed Easter eggs.

On Easter Sunday, Rich deep fried a turkey after church, just before a windy rainstorm hit.

Our kids never seem to get too old to go on an Easter basket hunt. One of their clues was hidden in this box of Twinkies.

Their final clue led them to the shower and their baskets. Yes, Hunter is kind of dramatic. It really was a perfect weekend :)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I guana go back to our favorite island!!!!

These pictures are from our latest trip to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We went on March 25th and stayed for a week, just the two of us. My mom and her husband, Wayne live there 5 months out of the year. Don't you feel sorry for them? This picture was taken on our favorite beach, Morning Star. It is just down the hill from their house and you can see the cruise ships pass by in the morning and evening every day. It's awesome!! We also got to see the Rolex Regatta while we were there. About 80 sailboats race for two days and we had a great view from here.

My mom, Wayne and I enjoy the crystal clear water of the Carribean :) Aaaaaahhh!!!!!

Here is the "Iguana" I was refering to! These guys are all over the place on the beach and this one decided to take advantage of the lounge chair to tan in the sun. Brings new meaning to the term "lounge lizard!" (hee hee)

We love to eat out at new restaurants and Rich talked us into this new sushi place. Not a favorite, but you couldn't beat the ocean view!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late Night with Hunter the Letterman

The other night we attended a banquet for Hunter's High School Soccer team. I had the pleasure of heading it up :) so I'm glad it's over, but it was very nice and Hunter received his letterman's jacket. We are soooo proud of him and how he is able to balance all the things in his life: school, sports, church, etc. He'll be a senior next year and wants to go to BYU. He's interested in Media Arts and recently won first place for a video he made and submitted in a high school competition.

On an entirely different note, here is a picture of Savannah's last soccer tournament team photo after coming in 2nd place. They played a few teams that were two years older than them, so they did very well.

They received medals for being finalists. Their next tournament will be for the state qualifiers and championships. Go Galaxy!!

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