Sunday, July 3, 2011

GIRLS CAMP- 10 years and still going strong!

Yep, this was my 10th year in a row at Girls' Camp for our church here in Louisiana! This is the group that went from our ward in Lafayette. Savannah is in front row and Rich even agreed to come this year! He pretty much worked his butt off and took TONS of pictures! I only posted a few:)

We went to a new place this year in Biloxi, Mississippi and the BEACH was right across the street! The sand was beautiful, the water a little murky, but we loved it anyway. We also loved this rubber chicken. These chickens were bought many years back for a girls camp activity and we found them in the stake closet. We brought them to camp and had a little too much fun with them! We took our "hike" down the beach and out to this pier.

These AMAZING pirates (ladies) are my two counselors and secretary in the Young Women Stake Presidency and we did a workshop about "Seeking Treasure." I KNOW we had MORE fun at girls' camp than most of the girls!!!!

Here is a shot of the beach across the street from our "camp." Camp in Louisiana is really more like a retreat where we stay in airconditioned cabins or dorms. My kind of camping in the buggy, heat and humidity :) Looks like I'll probably make it to 11!

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