Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soccer is taking over our lives!! . . . but we love it :)

Well, if you ask what is new with the Stewarts, we would have to say nothing 'cause it's soccer now, it's been soccer in the past, and it will be soccer forever more! It is a good thing that we love it! Savannah & Rich have been practicing with her team quite a bit through the holidays, but now they are getting back into playing scrimmages and tournaments until the State Tournament that will be held the first weekend in May. Hunter hasn't had any breaks with going from his club team straight into High School soccer. His team did really well making it all the way to the Semi-finals for the state. They played yesterday in New Orleans, but lost to the #1 ranked team in the state. No time to cry about that, he'll be at practice on Thursday for his club team with his first tournament on March 7th. Like I said. . . .soccer forever more!