Friday, April 23, 2010

Mr. Movie Maker

It's been good times for Hunter lately. His club soccer team took 1st in state for the second year in a row last weekend!! It was a very exciting game with a fight breaking out amongst a few of the players (not my son, of course :) ) and even some parents trying to mix it up. It all turned out for the best, however with a 4-1 victory for The Storm!

Hunter was voted "Mr. Movie Maker" amongst his Gifted and Talented Senior peers for good reason- below is Hunter's 1st place prize money for a contest he entered making a 30 second Public Service Announcement about the dangers of underage drinking. He also won 3rd place with another entry that won $500. His 1st place PSA will be shown in local movie theatres before feature presentations. We are so proud of our Steven Spielberg Jr. !!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter in St. Thomas

So I'm pretty far behind in my blogging, but life has been CRAZY!! I'm going to try to catch up and I'll start with Easter in St. Thomas. This is one of our favorite spots on the island. I guess it's because our name is here on this bench (sort of). Hunter is down below it where the waves crash against the rocks. We spent 5 days relaxing at my mom's house and on several beaches and kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. I feel like we never went now that we've been back for a couple weeks! But it was AWESOME!!

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More St. Thomas Pics

Savannah jumps off the deck at Honeymoon beach on Water Island (a quiet island right across from St. Thomas)

Here is the view from my mom's deck- just awesome!

A view from a Buddist Temple on St. Thomas

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