Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pics that I love

I know I'm their mother, but my kids are so cute! (handsome)

The first night all the family started coming in, we had a bad storm and the electricity was out for about an hour. This photo was actually taken in the pitch dark and Rich was being scary at the door.

Another photo taken in the pitch dark. Sav is scared of the lightning! (Not really)

Bree did A LOT of hair while she was home! But she's still smiling :)

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Family :)

We had a great couple of weeks before Hunter left. First, Bree came in town, then Rich's mom and our niece, Chelsi, then my mom and Wayne, the Nielsen's and my dad and Stephanie! It was sooooo great to have everyone here and I appreciated all the support! Wish we had more pics, though. This is Rich's mom, my mom, and Hunter's second mom Linda :)

Me and my dad

My mom and Wayne, chattin' it up with Gary Bowden

The cousins! (Two of the three triplets) Chelsi and Sav

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Open House

We had a little get together the Sunday before Hunter left and invited everyone from church to stop by. There really are some AWESOME people in the south!!

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All about Hunter

Hunter started his summer with a trip to Houston, then California, then Wisconsin, then Houston again and now he is on a two year trip to Africa! Be sure to check out his Mission Blog. We will be posting his letters and pictures there. You can find it listed on the right under Elder Hunter Stewart :) Hunter turned 19 on July 7th! Yes, I am a couple months behind and trying to make up for it all in one day.

Hunter also took a day trip with Rich to Denham Springs to use a Christmas gift- Tiki Zipline! Crazy kid!

Here's a pic of the last time Hunter was with both of his best friends, Clayton and Mikey before he left.

What a great day! Just ignore my strange posture.

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Lazy Days

Our trip to Wisconsin really was the ultimate in being lazy! We spent our time going to plays, going to the drive-in movie, eating out, reading in the hammock, and playing on the lake. And the weather could not have been better! Rich and Bree didn't get to come with us, but we managed to have fun without them. These pics are all on Clark Lake. Thanks Mom & Wayne :)

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Oh yeah..... uh huh!

You might have to be from Wisconsin to get the title of this post, or maybe just a guy named Wayne, but we sure had some fun repeating these words while doing all kinds of fun things in Door County. We are acting like kids (like we normally do) at PC Junction. It's a restaurant with a little train that brings you your food and has all these fun toys to play on out back. Note, that is NOT a beer in Hunter's hand, but his favorite cherry soda :) Even though he does look a little tipsy.

Hunter's favorite spot on Clark Lake

This was a really cool rope maze that we all got lost in. I think Hunter was the only one to figure it out! He was definitely the first. I went in circles, Savannah tripped while jumping over a rope and my Mom and Wayne just laughed at us. (just kidding)

On our last night there, we decided to go on a Ghost Tour. We are on a trolley that took us around to different spots in Door County that were haunted, like some houses, a cemetery and a lighthouse. We were lucky to make it back alive!! It really was fun and just a little spooky :)

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Busy Summer

It has been a very busy summer and it definitely wasn't long enough!! Savannah was probably the busiest with first girl's camp, then 2 weeks in Utah (1 of those weeks at EFY- especially for youth), 3 days at Youth Conference in Baton Rouge and then a week in Wisconsin! She also managed to squeeze in a driver's ed course and just got her driver's permit :0 - yes, that is my oh, no! face!!! Hunter had a busy summer, too, but he gets his own post (details to come). Below is Savannah and her three friends, Taylor, Ali and Sarah that all went with her to Utah. Thanks to Aunt Jen and Bree, they got to do all kinds of fun things. Thanks girls!!

Here they are driving the roads with Bree.

Rich gets his own picture from his trip to Las Vegas. He spent about a week there for a conference in June and spent some time with his family and out at one of his favorite spots, Red Rock.

Believe it or not, this is the only picture we have from Youth Conference. I take that back, this isn't even the dance from youth conference! This was the "Fancy Pants Dance" we had for several stakes before school started. I guess I was too involved with making sure things happened the way they should that I didn't get any pictures at the conference, but it seemed to be successful and us leaders had a great time, too (of course :))

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