Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stuck in St. Thomas 2

This is a view from Paradise Point looking down on Haven Sight where all the cruise ships come in. As you can see, the water is awesome. We have been at the beach everyday body surfing, getting sunburned and just chilling out. Totally fun.
Hunter met one of the local girls. She was the pirate princess for 2008. She was kind of shy and apparently lots of guys make passes at her based on the fact she has to wear that cute red sign.
Paradise point again. Fun to all be together at such a beautiful place. Bree is leaving today (Thursday). Sad day for us. It was great to be able to have her spend some time with us. She is doing great in Utah and as you can see, still has a great smile!
Savannah also met a new friend. According to what we were told, he tried to make a pass at the pirate princess. As you can see, Hunter is looking concerned in the background. Not sure if that is because he also made a pass at the pirate princess or because Sav is so friendly with Mr. Green eye.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stuck in St. Thomas!

This is the kids and their cousins in the British Virgin Islands at a place called Virgin Gorda. It was amazing as you can see. Those giant boulders were stacked all over and you had to crawl through them to get to the secluded beach (it wasn't very secluded with all the other people).
We all made it to the Virgin Gorda beach. It was great. After that we went on a really cool snorkeling trip where I saw a huge barracuda that kept circling around us. The people on the boat said it was because they keep feeding it. I was just glad to know it wasn't too hungry.
This is the view from Wayne & Cleta's house. Pretty darn amazing!
Breeann and her cousin Cody -- They went native!!
All in all, an awesome trip. I will post some others during the week. We are here until Saturday.Posted by Picasa

Tabasco Shootout Champs 2008

Equal time right - Sav's team won their tournament two weeks ago but I did not have the picture to post. Here it is. They played great and I was very proud of the way they played. Good job Galaxy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Red Stick 2008 Champs



Hunter's soccer team won the Champions Cup for the Baton Rouge Red Stick 2008 Soccer tournament. These are a couple of pics. Sav's team played and ended up as the finalist (2nd place) for her age bracket. There were a total of twelve teams in her group. When I have some pics, I will post those.

Both of them had a long hard battle over the two days of the tournament. They both played great with Sav scoring goals and Hunter saving goals. Lot's of fun!
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