Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandma came for Hurricane Ike

Well, she actually came to watch the kids in a soccer tournament, but it got cancelled because of Hurricane Ike! We only got some rain and wind, but we had tornado warnings just to keep things exciting. We had a great visit, though!!

We spent the majority of the weekend eating stuff like this! Hurricane-stress-eating!!!! Yum!

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vicki said...

"Grandma" looks pretty darn good for being a granny! She should get together with my mom. When we are out together and I call her "Mom" people always say "Did you just call her MOM?" Makes me feel really horrible and dumpy. Great that she got to visit with the kiddos!

Paris-family said...

CUTE PICTURES!!!! and I'm so excited for our trip out. 5 days and counting!!! yipee!!!