Sunday, September 7, 2008

Getting ready for Gustav!!

Okay, why do we live in Louisiana?! I guess we had a couple years off after Katrina & Rita, but now the hurricanes are back in full force! Rich and Hunter boarded up the house and Savannah and I hauled all the plants and patio furniture in the backyard into the garage. I sat in line for 40 minutes to get sandbags for the back of our house because our patio floods since we put in the pool. We had plenty of gas, a generator, a little airconditioner, tons of water and plenty of food, but I still wanted to leave town! The hurricane looked pretty bad at first and we've already been through several others and I just didn't want to do it again! Rich was really nice and agreed to leave even though I know he didn't want to :) Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as predicted! We might be repeating this process next week- STAY AWAY IKE!!!!!!

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Paris-family said...

Love all the new posts!!! Good job. I'm glad you guys (oops, I mean Y'all!) survived, and your house did too. My mom and I were talking last night and we want to fly out for your play. I know you've told me before, but will you tell me again the dates...I know it got changed a little...and when I say my mom and I, I mean my whole family...if we can afford it! :)