Sunday, September 28, 2008

Arizona Trip to celebrate my dad's birthday!!

I went to Arizona last weekend because my dad's wife, Stephanie, threw him a surprise party for his 65th birthday. This is his reaction when he walked into his house that night and saw all of his kids, brothers and sisters and friends yelling "Surprise!" I have to say that Stephanie really pulled off a good one! My sister Jennifer and I flew in the day before and he was really surprised to see us. Then, we all went to have family pictures taken and about 100 people went to his house. We got back and had a great party. She had a band and catered food. It had a hunting theme seeing as how my dad is the major hunter that he is.

Jen, her daughter Zia, my dad, me and Stephanie at their house in Gilbert, AZ

We all went bowling one afternoon and, of course, my dad beat everyone! This is my brother Tim and his son, Clay. We had a lot of fun!!

Me with my dad at the bowling alley. It was such a great weekend hanging with all my family!!!

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vicki said...

That looks like so much fun!