Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh yeah..... uh huh!

You might have to be from Wisconsin to get the title of this post, or maybe just a guy named Wayne, but we sure had some fun repeating these words while doing all kinds of fun things in Door County. We are acting like kids (like we normally do) at PC Junction. It's a restaurant with a little train that brings you your food and has all these fun toys to play on out back. Note, that is NOT a beer in Hunter's hand, but his favorite cherry soda :) Even though he does look a little tipsy.

Hunter's favorite spot on Clark Lake

This was a really cool rope maze that we all got lost in. I think Hunter was the only one to figure it out! He was definitely the first. I went in circles, Savannah tripped while jumping over a rope and my Mom and Wayne just laughed at us. (just kidding)

On our last night there, we decided to go on a Ghost Tour. We are on a trolley that took us around to different spots in Door County that were haunted, like some houses, a cemetery and a lighthouse. We were lucky to make it back alive!! It really was fun and just a little spooky :)

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