Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Busy Summer

It has been a very busy summer and it definitely wasn't long enough!! Savannah was probably the busiest with first girl's camp, then 2 weeks in Utah (1 of those weeks at EFY- especially for youth), 3 days at Youth Conference in Baton Rouge and then a week in Wisconsin! She also managed to squeeze in a driver's ed course and just got her driver's permit :0 - yes, that is my oh, no! face!!! Hunter had a busy summer, too, but he gets his own post (details to come). Below is Savannah and her three friends, Taylor, Ali and Sarah that all went with her to Utah. Thanks to Aunt Jen and Bree, they got to do all kinds of fun things. Thanks girls!!

Here they are driving the roads with Bree.

Rich gets his own picture from his trip to Las Vegas. He spent about a week there for a conference in June and spent some time with his family and out at one of his favorite spots, Red Rock.

Believe it or not, this is the only picture we have from Youth Conference. I take that back, this isn't even the dance from youth conference! This was the "Fancy Pants Dance" we had for several stakes before school started. I guess I was too involved with making sure things happened the way they should that I didn't get any pictures at the conference, but it seemed to be successful and us leaders had a great time, too (of course :))

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