Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Maui!

So I guess I said I had a lot of catching up to do on the blog so I would do a little everyday. Obviously, I haven't, but school is out and I'm ready to relive our family vacation to Maui over Easter Break! First, I have to add that Hunter had some other great news that got a little overshadowed by the mission call- He was accepted into BYU's Film Program!! YAY Hunter!!! They will put that on hold until he gets back from Africa but then he can start taking classes for his major. So this picture is after all the good news and off to Maui! We all met up in LAX (Rich's mom, Barbara and the 5 of us) for our LONG plane ride to Hawaii.

We got in on Good Friday evening and were met with these beautiful leis from a couple of Hawaiians (My mom and Wayne :))

This is the inside of my mom's house and her funny shoes you can wear inside to keep her floors clean. Nobody wears their shoes inside in Maui. I like that since I'm a barefoot kind of gal.

Rich is sitting on the back balony and you can see the view they have (sort of).

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