Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day 2

We got to meet my step brother's new little baby, Tela! They also have the rough life of living on Maui :) She's a cutie!

On this day we took a ride over to Lahaina to see a huge banyan tree and go whale watching (that's "whale washing" for you Modern Family fans! ;) ) But first we ate a delicious meal at a restaurant named Cool Cats.

Here we are on the boat looking for "sprays" so we could rush out to catch some whale sightings. . . .

. . . . .and here is one of many shots of a real life whale!! There were 5 whales swimming in a pod and we followed them around watching them spray, flip, and jump! It was CRAZY COOL!! What was NOT crazy cool was the little girl that threw up all over Rich's mom from sea sickness! Of course, then, she in turn, threw up 6 TIMES! But at least she made it to the bathroom. Poor Barbara, this whale watching was memorable for all sorts of reasons.

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Tanya said...

What a great vacation! And I haven't been to your blog in ages - it looks amazing. I'm loving the jumping picture. Glad you guys got to spend time as a family in paradise. Hope to follow in your footsteps - sporting special cleaning slippers, of course - soon.