Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Stewart Curse

A long time ago, a curse was put on our family. I don't know who put it there and I don't know when it started, but it is there. We first discovered it many years ago when our hot water heater (which is located in our attic!?!) burst and it was raining in Breeann's bedroom. This flooded one side of the house. Later, we had a couple of toilet overflowage incidents which also flooded a part of the house. Another year, we had leakage from an air conditioner problem which also led to a flood. The greatest, latest flood in our home was the washing machine that broke and flooded the laundry room, pantry, kitchen and a part of the hard wood floors in the dining room. After replacing the carpet and being flood free for about a year and a half, the curse followed us to a hotel last weekend. Below is a picture of the hallway right outside our room. Yes, that's water!

Let me start by saying that on Friday morning I received a phone call saying that Hunter's tournament in Jackson, Mississippi was canceled. This was very sad for two reasons: 1- I really like to watch Hunter play and the experience of playing harder teams and with college scouts there would have been awesome. 2- Hunter was signed up to take the ACT in Mississippi on Saturday morning since we would be there. Well, since we are a gambling family, Hunter took his chances at getting in to take the test here in Lafayette and he hit the jackpot and got in. Whew! So off I went with Rich and Sav to Mandeville for her tournament instead. Below is Coach Rich getting ready to start a game.

This is Savannah ready to score one of the three goals she scored during the weekend.

Sav is in the middle - you can tell I took these pictures instead of Rich. I guess I don't "handle" Nikki (Rich's camera) as well as he does! Sav's team made it into the finals against a rival Lafayette team and they were tied at the end of the game. They went into overtime and the other team scored (boo!) so they ended up in 2nd place. They played EXCELLENT!

Now you're probably still waiting on the edge of your seat to find out about the flood in the hotel. (Yeah, right) The fire alarm went off at 6:00 am and as we were stumbling, bleary eyed out the door, some lady from across the hall comes running by telling us it isn't a fire, the sprinkler system just started going off in her room and was flooding everything. We found out later that the lady in the room directly below her had called the front desk 20 minutes before the alarm went off because there was a bunch of noise and jumping around going on in the room above. They had two little kids and they most likely hit the sprinkler and set it off. Good thing it wasn't a fire because the fire dept. showed up 30 minutes later to turn off the alarm and water. I think we've lost at least 30 percent of our hearing and the curse lives on!!

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vicki said...

Oh my! You guys are never lacking excitement, that's for sure. So glad Hunter was able to take the ACT and get that done. I think I would have hit the roof if I found out some kids caused the fire alarm to go off at 6am followed by the great flood!

Kamerin Tangaro said...

The STEWARTS always find fun! Glad that you are all doing well. It is fun to check in from time to time and see what you are all doing.

jenny said...

You guys really are cursed! Maybe the kids should have done swimming instead of soccer...

Kevin & Emily said...

That is crazy! Kevin and I had that same problem at a university for EFY last summer. A kid hit the sprinkler in his room and flooded the third floor and flooded floors two and one and below that the stage!
Lets just hope that the curse doesn't follow you for Thanksgiving to the beach!

Tanya said...

Are you kidding me? That is crazy! Rich has a name for his camera??
Oh yeah, the water part is pretty wild too. ;)