Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soccer Update

These pictures are from a tournament in Baton Rouge several weeks ago. Part of Hunter's team is above with their 2nd place medals. This was a premiere tournament, so both teams were playing teams (supposedly) above their level. They did well, considering. The highlight of the trip is below- sharing this yummy dessert from Chilis! :) Savannah had a tournament in Alexandria the week after that and her team tied with another to go to the finals, but they had lost to that team so they got knocked out. This weekend Rich will be with Sav's team in a Mandeville, LA tournament and I will be with Hunter in a Jackson, MS tournament. We are hoping for some great competition!

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vicki said...

Your family is so sporty! Love it!

Ryan Nelson Family said...

Oh how we will miss the Stewart family while you are away this weekend!

jenny said...

Hilton's last soccer game is tomorrow. He has enjoyed it, but it is really cold. He is in gymnastics too and I think he likes it better... I will try to get picks soon.