Friday, June 5, 2009

Girl's Camp!

Okay, I know Girl's Camp is supposed to be about the YW, but we have as much or more fun than the girls! This is a picture of the Latrini Sisters. The people may change from year to year, but the Latrini Sisters have been making an appearance at the Baton Rouge Stake Girl's Camp for the last 8 years. We sing about things at camp to popular songs that the young women all know. Believe it or not, the girls LOVE this and we feel like rock stars! We are very serious about it and we choreograph each number and practice for weeks before. This year it was me, Claudia Thomas, Emily Broussard, and Jenny Bates. Rock on sistas!!

Savannah and her friend Sarah were Hannah Montana and Lola Luftnangle in our ward skit. I think Sav looks good with red hair!

We went to a camp called Woodman of the World in Forest Hills, LA and it was much better than the place we went the year before. These are girls in our ward after water games with their bishop.

Here's the whole group in their camp t-shirts (they are awesome!) with the bishop and branch president after a devotional. They brought us yummy watermelon to eat. Camp is always a blast!

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jenny said...

I wish I could have stayed the whole time! I feel like I really missed out!

vicki said...

So fun! and just one more reason why I know I'm not supposed to go to girls camp. You guys are cracking me up. I'm very grateful for women like you who magnify your calling. I hope Sophie has great leaders one day like all of you!

tamiz said...

OH the Latrini Sistas!! Choreography?! You've come a long way in 8 years. Claudia totally looks like Kristin Chenoweth in that pic. So, we're not moving back to LA like the Nelson's but we are moving to Houston again right after the 4th. That's close enough to see each other again!! BTW, that info is on the down low still which is why it hasn't made my blog.

Paris-family said...

I've been wondering how camp was!!! I will call you tonight to talk about your trip. I've got a fireside at 7, so I'll call you before I go.

Bree said...

Sav totally looks like you with that red hair. weird. and never let her have red hair ... :)