Sunday, May 10, 2009

My baby is a teenager!!!! (Boy, do I feel old)

I can hardly believe it, but Savannah is 13 years old. That means several things. 1) I currently (at least until May 17th) have THREE teenagers! 2) We have lived in Lafayette, Louisiana for almost 13 years! Rich, what ever happened to 3-5 years? 3) In 3 more years, we'll be paying for 5 people on our insurance! (Hopefully not, Bree, full-time job perhaps by then? 4) Well, I had Savvy when I was 30, so that makes me . . . .you do the math. . .older than I wanna be :)

Savannah had a swim party and sleepover with a bunch of her friends and graciously posed for this picture with her squirt gun.

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vicki said...

OH, Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe I used to teach her in Primary. She is such a beautiful girl!

jenny said...

Yea Sav! She will be out of the house before you know it...

tamiz said...

I'm not sure why it never occured to me that having 4 kids would eventually mean having 4 teenagers! Elias will be 11 in July and I'm terrified for the Middle School years!

Paris-family said...

Dear Savannah,

Just QUIT IT, okay???

Aunt Jen

Bree said...

so me and kyle were looking at the blog last night and he was amazed at how old she looks! Chad's roommate asked me if she was 16 the other day... weird eh?