Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tobasco Shootout Champions!!

Iberia Soccer Association

Here are the results of Savannah's first soccer tournament of the year! Click on the above link (Iberia Soccer Association) to see a picture of her team (with Coach Rich standing by Mr. Bottle :) Sav is on the top row, second from the right). It was VERY windy and cold that weekend in New Iberia, but she played great and they came out on top. They played a couple teams that were a year older than them so we are extra impressed. I know it sounds crazy, but I love to go to these games and watch the kids play. The more you know about soccer, the more you grow to love it. The kids really learn about playing as a team, committment, and good sportsmanship. Not to mention, they stay in great shape running up and down the field, sometimes for 80 minutes straight. Now that's endurance! When we buy a decent camera, we will post some action photos. The one we have now just doesn't take good soccer pictures.


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