Tuesday, May 6, 2008

State Cup Results

Having both Hunter and Savannah's teams in the State Cup Championship was an amazing experience. I have seen them both sacrifice to go to practice and worked hard while at practice. This has been an outstanding experience not only for them but for us.

As Savannah's coach, I got to watch the girls march out on the field and be presented to the crowd as the 2008 U-12 Division 1 finalists. It was an amazing experience standing by the players bench and knowing what it took to get there. Since this was their first year getting to the championship match was something we truly never dreamed of and it made the experience completely awe inspiring. Okay, I admit, I had some allergies and my eyes might have watered just a bit. Unfortunately, they did not win the final game. Still an accomplishment to be proud of for sure. If you want to see the final picture, click on the link in the right hand column.

Hunter's team had a hard fought road as well to get to the championship match. Hunter ended up playing 200 minutes in one day because of overtime in both quarter and semi final games. They squeaked out the win in both though and there has never been a team with more heart and drive. Watching Hunter play is really something. He just makes me smile!! Just like Sav's team, they didn't get the win. They certainly put it all out there on the field. I imagine that those 200 minutes had an impact somewhere and the fact they were missing two of their high scoring forwards didn't help either.

All in all, we are very proud of both for their hard work and staying focused on the task at hand. Now it is time to just relax for a very short time and get some rest................okay, breaks over back to the field! You should be able to click through to his picture from the link on the right hand side as well.


Paris-family said...


Anyways, your post was great! Thanks for sharing. We are doing great...well except that both the kids have been throwing up all day today...gotta love those days.

We love you all! Congrats on such a great tournament.

tamiz said...

Way to go! That's fun. It's so fun to be proud of the kiddos!