Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Okay, so I know we're more than a little behind on posting, but really, life has been pretty dull since New Year's. We did manage to have our annual "Red Dinner" for Valentine's Day this year and we have two pictures to prove it! This year we had lasagna, red jello, strawberries, salad with craisins (yes, that's cheating) and red Martinelli's. For dessert we had sugar cookies decorated with yep, you guessed it, RED sprinkles :) Hope yours was a happy one!


Amanda said...

Red dinner - what a good idea! I decided (just now) that I should probably start some holiday traditions now that the kids are getting old enough to notice. Maybe I'll start with this.

jenny said...

Justin and I were just called as the Youth Conference coordinators! We have to plan everything, even when we're doing it and the theme and EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I might need some good ideas from you... hope you're not busy! :)