Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

So here is my oldest child playing with his Christmas toy ;) This is an Air Swimmer that you fly through the air by remote control. Pretty darn cool, actually!

My mom made these cute aprons for all the girls in the family this year. We just HAD to model them.

This is the four of us- yes, we missed Hunter TERRIBLY- at our Christmas Eve dinner. It was a very quiet year without him or any other family visiting, but still great with Bree in town to visit for a couple of weeks and the highlight of our Christmas day was getting to talk to Hunter on the phone for an hour. He's doing fantastic- not homesick at all!

Bree painted these cute Christmas string of lights on her and Savannah's toes! So creative :)

We worked on treats for the neighbors. Fun, fun, fun! And ate our fair share of junk!

We decided to go look at lights at Acadian Village which we haven't done in years. It was a beautiful night and I guess everyone else in Lafayette decided to go too. We waited in a line up of cars for one and a half hours!!!! All in all a wonderful Christmas!