Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This is what I woke up to yesterday on my mirror in the bathroom :)

Savannah made these delicious heart shaped sugar cookies :)

We had our annual "red" dinner to celebrate the day. This year it was cheese tortellini covered with a red marinara sauce, raspberry jello with redi whip, salad (with that purplish weed-like lettuce junk) with craisins and raspberry vinagrette dressing, chocolate dipped strawberries and red gatorade. (I know, the red gatorade is so classy and romantic- but that's the way we roll)!

And lastly, I must include a picture of my favorite valentine's gift- someone thinks I rock!!!! Hope your Valentine's day rocked :)

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Jen and Marty said...

Well, we tried the RED dinner this year too. It was lots of fun, but not as cute as yours! We had spaghetti, bread that I added red food coloring to (it was kind of light pink in the end), red jell-o, strawberry shortcake and HAWAIIAN PUNCH (that might beat your gatorade, I'm not sure!) :) Thanks for the idea though. And, I left a message last night but THANK YOU for the popcorn tin. YUM-MEEEE!! I'm planning on updating my blog at some point today so check it out. Love you!

Tammie said...

Kind of love the idea and I might just steal it

Jen Paris said...

are you deleting the crazy anonymous comments? ugh! I just am getting the follow up comments in my email. weird.