Friday, December 31, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!!

Well, I thought I ought to get one last blog in before 2011, so there's nothing like waiting until the last minute! We had a wonderful Christmas with Bree and Hunter at home, as well as my mom and Wayne visiting for a few days. We have so much to be thankful for! My mom made Hunter this t-shirt quilt from all his old soccer and high school shirts. I think he loves it :)

Here's the crazy Stewart kids together again! (notice Rich's head looks like an alien coming out of Hunter's stomach)

We ate WAY too much, but you can never have enough popcorn.

Wayne got us all these punch balloons and we had tons of fun with them. I think they might be a new tradition. Speaking of traditions, if you want to see this year's run through the wrapping paper, check out Hunter's blog (to the right). He also has a sweet video of us all freaking out with our punch balloons. We are always so amused by the simplest of things :)

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vicki said...

Happy New Year to you! So glad your family was together for the holidays. You guys sure like to jump.

tamiz said...

You guys are so much fun. Happy New Year.

jenny said...

That quilt is so awesome!!! Happy New year! We got your wonderful card and miss the Stewarts terribly. If you guys ever make it out here to visit, please let me know, I will make an extra effort to go down to Utah!