Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Brother

A couple weeks ago my little brother came to visit because he had a work conference in New Orleans. This was his first time in Louisiana so we had to show him what we do for fun :)

We wrestle alligators! We actually went on a swamp tour at Lake Martin and our guide caught this alligator that we all got to hold. (Well, maybe I didn't hold it, but I touched it ) It bit some old dude's finger when he tried to hold it.

We eat hot stuff! We went to the Tabasco Factory where Rich and Rendell posed with this hot pepper eating fish statue.

We drive old man creeper cars! Not really- but this is what the rental car place gave Rendell to drive! Savannah said it looked like a creeper car so she sat in the roomy trunk to prove it. We ate some good old Cajun Food and had a great visit. We love to have visitors :)

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Breeann said...

that last picture with sav in the trunk is AWESOME! haha love it!