Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Bree!!

So I'm a little (a lot) behind on my blogging. . . Bree's birthday was May 17th, but we've had quite a bit going on around here. I will start with Bree coming home for a week. She flew in on her birthday and we celebrated that evening. It's always good to have her home :)

The old gang just all happened to be in town, as well. Megan and Emily were here for Heidi's graduation from UL and their brother's baptism. They suprised Bree with her favorite cookie cake.

The girls had to make a visit to Hunter while he was at work at O-Sneaux!

Hunter doesn't look excited to be in his hot pink/lime green snow cone shack!! Actually, he was aggravated at us for trying to take all these pictures when there was a line up of cars behind us :)

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jenny said...

Man, I really miss you guys so much! What was I thinking, coming out here?

jenny said...
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vicki said...

Happy Birthday Bree! Snowballs make any occasion more joyous! My personal favorites are Blackberry and Wedding Cake with condensed milk. YUM!

Jen and Marty said...

O Sneaux, that is too funny!!! Told you I'm checking back for updates, good job!!! Can't wait for more! :)

tamiz said...

I must get this cookie cake recipe you all love so much! Sweet pic of Hunter suffering!