Thursday, March 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have been gone so much lately to soccer tournaments that home is sounding pretty good right now! We've been to Orange Beach, Alabama, (It was rainy and cold- well one of the days wasn't bad) Baton Rouge, New Iberia, and this weekend will be Alexandria! We still have New Orleans, Shreveport and Monroe left. It's crazy, but this will probably be the last year with Hunter going off to BYU and Savannah deciding to just play in school so is guess we should enjoy it 'cause I know we'll miss it when they're gone :( I'll post some pics from soccer when I get around to it. Some great news. . . .Bree just got accepted to BYU so we will now have TWO Stewarts running around that campus! We are soooo proud of her and all her efforts to get there. She is currently working in a salon and will start taking care of a couple teenagers (Yea!- a steady income!) and will start classes in the summer. She'll be a busy girl!


jenny said...

That is wonderful! Go Bree!!!

Jen and Marty said...

super exciting stuff! I just got the info today while your cute daughter was cutting mine and Addison's hair. And now she's off on a mountain somewhere, but she'll be back in a few hours. We love her and are excited to have 2/3 of your kids in our control soon!!! :) Have a great weekend. miss you.