Monday, December 7, 2009

Houston, we have a problem!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Hunter had a High School soccer tournament in Houston. Here are what the stands looked like for all three games they played! If you notice the umbrella on the right, not only does it have a gaping whole, but it is also blown inside out! Rich's mom met us there for a weekend of wet, windy, COLD soccer! She is the one with the umbrella by the way! I'm talking to her to keep my mind off the miserable weather :)

The soccer wasn't miserable, however, and Hunter (#8) and the Mighty Lions won two games and tied another. They came in second overall just because the other team scored one more point than them against another team. Oh well . . . .

Hunter's team is ranked #4 in the state right now, but I'm sure as time goes by they will move up.

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vicki said...

Love your blog background! Your soccer story is making my skin hurt. I hate the cold. So glad his team is doing well!

jenny said...

Okay, so I have tried to call you back several times, but it just rings and rings and rings. No answering machine or anything. I want to give you my address for Christmas cards!!!! I have yours and you will get one as soon as I get the pics of the kids back. I also don't have your email address or I would have just emailed you! CALL MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!