Monday, August 3, 2009

One Fantastic Trip!!

You have to start several blogs down (to A lot happens in 5 years. . .) to get the full account of our excellent trip this summer! But these last pictures are more junk we did in Salt Lake/Provo. Rich and Hunter hiked to the Y at BYU while the girls and I went to get glitter toes at the Cosmotology School. (We have our priorities!)

We had a little birthday party for Addison- She's turning 7!

We went with Rich's dad to the OQuirrh Mountain Temple Open House. That was pretty special!

We went to a water park with this cool little dude, Carter, who is definitely catching some rays :)

We were gone for two weeks and it's good to be home, but we already miss all of our family!
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vicki said...

Also, LOVE your new blog background! So much easier to see the pics.

Paris-family said...

I LOVE those posts!!! I need to get stuff on my blog soon. WE miss you already too.

Paris-family said...

okay am I tired or WHAT? I already have some pics on my blog. Seriously, I forgot already. I'm going to bed!!! ;)

Tanya said...

Hey busy lady!!! I'm so jealous - you went to SO many of my favorite places. I LOVE Tuachan. Sounds like a great trip. Glad you got to go but glad you're back so we can "do lunch". :)Tell me you're still my VT because I know they made changes. I'll be ticked if you're not. So ticked, I probably wouldn't even let someone else come to my house. ;)