Friday, January 30, 2009

Rich can see!!!!

So Rich had eye surgery the other day and this is a picture of him with these sheild thingys on that he had to wear to bed for three nights. He was drugged up after his surgery and said some crazy stuff and was reinacting that moment here for the camera. It went well and now he can see great, but the day after he had double vision which kinda freaked us out. He currently has 5 (yes, I said 5) kidney stones and will probably have the largest one blasted sometime next week. Right after that, he'll be off to take exams for his Phd and after that he's off to Nauvoo, Illinois for a Church youth group trip! He's also still coaching Savannah's soccer team which will be starting up tournaments. This is one busy man and he deserves to look like this anytime he wants.

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vicki said...

Too bad about the kidney stones! I want that eye surgery. I will have to get some details from you.

tamiz said...

Kidney stones SUCK!!! I hate them. I do however happen to like that very good picture of you. I'm guessing that you are already planning some type of payback for Jill posting the picture???


Paris-family said...


holy cow, could the guy just get a BREAK???