Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow in Louisiana?!!!!!

It's hard to believe, but it actually snowed here last Thursday morning! I think the last time it did that was like in 1936. We've had flurries once or twice, but never actually sticking to the ground. Savannah has never seen snow before, so she was pretty excited. The really crazy thing is that today it was in the 70's! That is Louisiana weather! This is our front yard (I was too cold to walk across the street to get a full picture- also, these pictures are pretty bad because I had to take them with my cell phone since Rich was in San Diego with the real camera!- yes, he missed the one and only snow day we'll probably ever see here.)

This is down our street.


Our pet Iguana enjoyed the snow.

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vicki said...

It was weird, wasn't it?? We are going to have some 80 degree weather this week. Crazy. We had a great time at your house last night!!

Paris-family said...

That is CRAZY! Kind of exciting though. I'm JEALOUS though, that you have it for one day and then get the warm weather again. It finally started snowing here a few days ago and I doubt it will warm up now until May. :( wwwaaaahhhh!!!