Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rich has been given the boot!

If you didn't notice, I posted the last several things on our blog, but under Rich's name. After the "Something New" post, I knew I had to finally learn how to do this!! I don't want to give him too hard of a time - he is very busy with school, school, and more school! (Not to mention work, church, and soccer! :) ) Anyway, the summer is rolling along and the kids will be back in school on Aug. 8th. Bree is in town and we are having lots of fun with her. I will start rehearsals tomorrow for a musical I'll be in starting the last weekend in September. Never a dull moment around the Stewart's house!!


Paris-family said...

YIPPEE!!!! So glad we will be seeing more of the LA Stewarts!!!! I sent you an invite to ours. We haven't talked in tooooo long. Congrats on the musical. Get me the dates and we'll look for flights out.

Paris-family said...

hi, me saw some of the pictures from Bree's trip home, and you have lots you could post on your blog. So...GET MOVIN', would ya???? :)