Thursday, April 3, 2008

Stuck in St. Thomas Final Edition

This was our new friend that we met at the beach one day. He wasn't much of a talker and had really bad breath.
This was walking down to Morning Star Beach from the Marriott hotel. One of our favorite beaches on the entire island. As you can see, beautiful!!
This is what we referred to as Steuart point (pretty obvious from the picture). They just spelled it wrong. Again, very beautiful.
This was the sunset from Wayne and Cleta's house on the last night. We were sitting out on the deck having dinner. What a way to finish up the trip. We were very sad to leave and sure appreciate ALL the hospitality we were shown by our loving family in St. Thomas. Thanks a ton!
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Paris-family said...

First of all, WHAT is that chamilion thing, and was he really just hanging out on the island? And second of all, that last night sunset picture looks almost exactly like your background for your blog...maybe you should switch it out.
Check out my blog...there's a bday wish on their for Jill. Bree's here...wish you were too...maybe we can battle on Guitar Hero? I just looked at flights for next weekend and it looks like we could get you here for a mere $536/person. what do you think???

Paris-family said...

so...not sure if you check your comments or not but I'll leave you another one. :)

Are you going to be here that weekend of Breeann's birthday? Let me know! We're going to Disneyland the next week, but we're not leaving until Monday, so hopefully that works out.