Sunday, December 30, 2007


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Friday, December 28, 2007

soccer, soccer, soccer

This picture is actually from their last tournament held in Lake Charles, LA. The JV team took first place and the Freshmen took second. Hunt is the one pointing at himself (in case the curly hair didn't give it away).

Hunt had a game today against one of the private high schools (St. Thomas More). They won 3-0. He played great (as usual). He always plays on defense but lately has been making some great runs up the wing. Today he even got a shot on goal but it hit the cross bar and went over the top. It is fun to have parents on both teams tell us what an exciting player he is to watch. Of course, we think so!

Here is a link to his soccer team blog if you want to keep up but we will probably post some of the more important items as they happen.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Well another Christmas gone. It was great to have everyone home. We all got "stuff" for Christmas but the best gift was to have a few days to just hang out like we used to with the kids. I was talking to Mom on the phone and we were talking about how as the kids move out and then they get married, start their own families, go their own way and how it becomes harder to see everyone all together. That's for sure. So enjoy it while you can!

I hope Jill and the kids will blog here and we can hear back from our extended family and friends. Have a great New Year and look for a cooler blog as I learn how to do it. Your comments will of course be welcome.